Review: Lundhags W’s Mira 2 LT High (Shoes)

Lundhags W's Mira II LT Shoes
Lundhags W’s Mira II LT Shoes

We didn’t want to take along motorcycle boots and hiking boots on our RTW trip. So we looked for shoes we could use for both activities.

The swedish manufacturer Lundhags has been making functional outdoor clothing and equipment for decades. Their boots are made in Sweden and provide a tough rubber base, sewed together with a thick leather shaft. This means, the parts that are more likely to get wet, are completely waterproof, while the breathable 3-layer leather shaft provides proper sturdiness. They have a Vibram rubber sole that is also replaceable, if needed, by sending the shoes to Lundhags.

Lundhags W's Mira 2 Shoes
Lundhags W’s Mira 2 shoes after 1,5 years

These shoes don’t have a waterproof membrane and with some good care, they will last forever.
I have been using them for two years as motorcycle and hiking boots, in rough terrain. In colder climate to keep me warm and dry, in warmer climate to protected my ankles. As you can see on the photo, they are still in a very good condition.
I replaced the original innersoles with two separate thinner ones. The upper innersole stays dry and leads the sweat into the lower sole. In the evening I take them out to dry them and to prevent the shoes from staying wet.

The shaft is a bit higher compared to normal hiking boots, so it offers better protection while crashing. It’s important to use leather wax or fat to keep the leather soft. Wax is better to keep it breathable, but most of the time there was only fat available.

These shoes did a fantastic job so far and Miri will continue to use them. Let’s see, if they manage to go for another 100000 kilometers.

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