Review: Thermarest Camping Mattress

Thermarest is one of the leading camping mattress companies for almost 50 years now. We already used a few of their mattresses before our world trip and we never had any trouble with them. Since we are not the youngest anymore, we looked for something sturdy that also offers a bit more comfort.

Finally our choice was a Thermarest Trail Pro Large. Its dimensions are 196 x 63 x 5cm with a weight of around 1100g. Of course you can find lighter mattresses, but its outer material is much stronger compared to these super light ones. You can also check the regular version that is a bit lighter, of course.

Thermarest Trail Pro Large
Thermarest Trail Pro Large

We never had problems with leaking, until Miriam wrapped a thorny stick in mine, what obviously punctured it. Luckily it is very easy to repair.

The new 2020 model is 7,5cm thick with the same weight and more insulation. It might be even a better choice, but we haven’t tested the new version so far.

Our coldest night was in northern Pakistan, where the temperature dropped to -10°C (14°F). The Trail Pro has an R-value of 4 and it was still ok for this temperature. However we would recommend to use a warmer one, in case you plan to sleep in these temperatures regurlarly.

The mattress is self-inflating, if you have enough time to wait for it. So the best method is to open the valve and leave it until you go to bed. In case you want to use it immediately, you have to blow it up conventionally.

Conclusion: We will for sure purchase one of Thermarest’s mattresses again. Worth mentioning is also their customer support. Since we had been working in an outdoor shop for many years, we know, that they answer quickly and try to solve your problem as best as possible. So you not only receive a high quality product, you can also rely on their superior customer service.

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