CRF250L racks for massive load

Since we have unusual high load on our bikes, we had to construct a proper rack for the CRF250L. The commercial racks you can order online are not made for this. So we went to a local welder that is experienced with motorcycle racks and gave him a construction layout. Together with his knowledge, we finally constructed two bomb proof racks, that never have been letting us down so far.

  • We used normal steel for the racks. First of all it is cheaper than aluminium, but even more important is the fact, that it is much easier to weld. It is quite hard to find an aluminium welder in the middle of nowhere.
  • The whole rack is one piece what makes it very sturdy.
  • The strong bars on both sides shift most of the load to the main frame. That is extremely important, because the CRF’s subframe is not made to carry 40 to 50kg (80 to 110lbs) of luggage. The bars also run quite close to the bike. Like that you don’t bump your calves against them while pushing the bike.
  • The bars going over the back part of the bike are flat steel and no tubing. This provides better seating of our luggage and is also more comfortable for a pillion rider.
  • The opposite side to the exhaust pipe has an insert for a 6,6L (1.75 gal) Rotopax petrol can. 
  • There are two fastenings on both sides where you slide in the tabs on our panniers. On the top sides there are lead-ins for the velcro straps of the panniers.
  • Both racks are powder coated in black.

We had almost no trouble with them on the whole trip, but we had to reinforce the rear mounting points in Australia. However – even with two broken mounting points, the racks were still strong enough and the rear frame never snapped.

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