Have an insight into our luggage on the trip

We got asked many times, why we have so much luggage, so we thought, we just unpack everything and let you have a look. This is obviously variing a bit during the trip, but you can see the basic stuff. The photos are taken while riding in Australia. Since we do lots of camping, we have proper gear for temperatures between -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F). Sometimes we also pass areas where no water is available, so we have to carry all the water and the weight increases even more.

Miri’s stuff

Miri's luggage in Australia

Backpack: Travelcrash (teddy), chips for the beer , flynet, 3L water
Tankbag: Phone, powerbank, headlamp, some cables, mini-speaker, action cam
Pannier 1: Beer (if you don’t buy a 30 pack, you can’t afford it in Australia), 2L water, showel, oil for cooking, lots of warm clothes: 2 insulation jackets, Woolpower underwear, fleece underwear, trousers, windbreaker & rain gear, some shorts, tops and dresses
Pannier 2: (Tobi wants to burn that one, except of the beer)
Snorkel and masks, inflatable unicorn
shampoo and conditioner, 1 Liter water, 500ml motor oil, a sharp knife, chain lube, body lotion and sun cream, food can, lady stuff, muesli, some maps, water filter, inflatable bowl
Duffle Bag: 2 foldable chairs, tent, Thermarest mattress, monster-sleeping bag, pillow, Ninjaturtle-fleece-onesie, 30L backpack, bag with cables, chargers and other electronical stuff, some food, coffee, shoes, toilet paper, 10L water, the white ground sheet, that we use as a footprint

Tobi’s stuff

Tobi's luggage in Australia

Tankbag: Camera, phone, headlamp, Garmin GPS, documents, purse
Pannier 1: Trangia pot set, fuel stove, cutlery, cups, spices, spare parts (tubes, break pads, oil filters, air filters, sometimes sprockets, throttle wires, screws, fuses…), insulation bottle with 0,6L cold water, fuel bottle, some food, soft cooling box
Pannier 2: Sleeping bag, pillow, Thermarest mattress, airpump, all tools, 1,5L water bottle, orange juice and concentrated juice, 1kg of sugar, shoes
Duffle Bag: 38L backpack, more documents, laptop, Miri’s iPad, solar charger, drone, beer and food, washbag, clothes: down jacket, Woolpower underwear, fleece underwear, rain gear, trousers, t-shirts…

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  1. Geno

    Looks like you share the load. How would you go about if you had to be self sufficient as an individual rider? Just for interest sake

    1. RTWriders

      Hi Geno,
      we share a bit of our load, but mainly carry our own staff e.g. I (Tobi) would miss my chair, a tent and a water filter. However, I carry all spare parts, cooking staff and would need a much smaller tent when riding alone. So I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal to carry my gear only.

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