Review: Trangia Tundra III-D (Duossal Pot Set)

Trangia Duossal Pot Set a mixture of aluminium and stainless steel
Trangia Duossal Pot Set a mixture of aluminium and stainless steel

Trangia is one of the earliest european camping gear companies and the fact, that they are still producing in Sweden, makes them even more personable. Their products are all about outdoor cooking and they have been producing them for a very long period already. So their gear has proven itself for decades and you can easily reorder all spare parts without any problems.

We looked for a reliable, light and easy to use pot set. Titanium never was an option for us and aluminium is said to be unhealthy, especially if you constantly use your gear for several years. Stainless steel is easy to clean, doesn’t scratch, but is heavier than the other two materials.

Then Trangia introduced a new edition of its Duossal material in 2017 and this looked like exactly the gear we were waiting for. Duossal is a perfect combination of two materials in one, pressed together under high pressure. The inner part is a scratch resistant stainless steel, which is easy to clean and very hygenic and the outside is made of aluminum for good thermal conductivity, avoiding your food to burn. The difference with the previous version is the now thicker stainless steel layer, which makes it a bit more robust.

We use the Tundra III-D Version, that comes with two Duossal pots 1,75l and 1,5l (~59oz and 51oz), a non-stick frying pan, a non-stick lid, an aluminium handle and a storage bag. The total weight is 815g (~1,9lb).

Trangia Tundra III-D after 2 years
Trangia Tundra III-D after 2 years

In theory the non-stick coating provides a perfect surface for low fat cooking and is easy to clean. The reality is, that you have to be very careful with this sensitive material. Between the lid and the frying pan is no protection to prevent scratching the non-stick coating. So if you transport your set in a lumpy way, for example on a motorcycle or bicycle, you are going to destroy the coating very quickly.

Trangia also offers a stove version (Storm Cooker 25/21 UL/D) with a Duossal pan instead of a non-stick pan. For any reason, it seems like Trangia doesn’t sell an equal pot set version, but you can order a Duossal frying pan as a spare part. We finally put a dishrag between the lid and the pan, but our coating was already destroyed. We would definately go for a Duossal pan in future.

Otherwise the set is awesome. It packs compact, the pots stack and the lid and frying pan close it. Inside is enough storage space for a sixpack of eggs. That way they can also survive the bumpiest tracks on your offroad adventures.

While cooking you can use the pan as a second lid, to avoid insects or dirt to fall into the food.

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