Review: Klim Induction Jacket

Klim Induction Jacket with fantastic ventilation
Klim Induction Jacket with fantastic ventilation

When we started our world trip, the decision of our motorcycle gear was not easy. Riding motorcycle is usually most fun during nice weather and we were also locking forward to travel with the seasons. So we decided to buy well ventilated jackets and use additional rain jackets on top for riding days in rainy conditions. After 2 years we are happy with that decision, because most of the time we were riding in dry weather. 

I tried several different brands and unfortunately the best fitting jacket was one of the more expensive ones – a Klim Induction Jacket. I am quite skinny and I have very long arms, so my biggest trouble was finding a jacket with long sleeves. Most of the jacket’s sleeves were eather too short, or I had to take a size way too big for the rest of my body. The Klim Induction Jacket had the best mixture of fit, comfort and sleeve length at the end. Although the sleeves could still be a bit longer.

I used it for 2 years almost every day and it did a brilliant job. Its ventilation is absolutely fantastic and I never felt uncomfortable in very warm and humid climate zones. On the downside you have to wear an additional wind protection (or the included waterproof inlet) as soon as the temperatures get a bit chilly. We had 47°C (~117°F) in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and after I stood under a waterfall to cool down, I was freezing for the next 10 minutes while riding. The waterproof inlet did a good job, but I sent it back home after 1 year, because I didn’t relly have any use for it. For rain I used a normal waterproof jacket on top and for wind protection a more breathable wind jacket was better. The waterproof inlet also doesn’t look very stylish. So most of the people wouldn’t use it as an outer layer, unless they want to look like Simpsons “Disco Stu”. For wind protection I used a nicer looking Vaude jacket instead.

Klim uses D3O protectors, giving the jacket additional comfort. These protectors were really good most of the time, but after 2 years they started breaking in pieces – especially ellbow and shoulder ones. My back protector is still one piece, but starts breaking, too. Compared to Miriam’s Held Jacket, where the protectors were dissolved after 1,5 years, they still look quite ok. On the other hand is the Klim Jacket about three times more expensive than the Held Jacket. No wonder that there is a bit of a quality difference. So overall I would say, after 2 years of sun, dust and sweat, it is kind of acceptable that the protectors are destroyed.

The rest of the Klim Jacket is still working perfectly. It kept its colour after all that sun very well, all the zippers are working and also the seams and velcros are still in good condition.


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